Uma solução em software desenvolvido para facilitar a organização e gestão de eventos

A software solution developed to facilitate the organization and management of events.

Including a virtual, hybrid or B2B Meetings, as it offers a unique and differentiated experience to the participant.

WellBiz arose from the need for event management and a B2B Meetings with the advent of changes in the world scenario of how to network and do business. Access to this platform is through a responsive Web Portal, which can also be viewed via tablet and smartphones.

With a friendly and intuitive environment, WellBiz makes use of artificial intelligence to connect participants with common interests and indicate companies that can add to their professional profile. In addition, the platform is available in English and Portuguese versions. It also has the customization option.

The organizer can manage your entire event and provide a practical, modern and agile tool for congresses, lectures and B2B Meetings.

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This event model has been growing worldwide, as it promotes networking, information exchange and negotiation with strategic companies for your business. We developed WellBiz to further enhance the generation of business volume, as it offers a unique experience to the participant.


The advantage of WellBiz is that it can be used in the online version, that is, it allows the virtual B2B meetings , integrating with meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Forms, among others of the customer’s preference and allowing integration with the system.

B2B Meetings

Virtual B2B Meetings

How does it work?

When hiring the system, we set up your profile with login and password to access the WellBizz panel.

In the admin panel you can create events, generate reports

Start the configuration of your event, whether it will be presencial or not, if there will be a business round, and other details that you will intuitively be able to define, such as the duration of your B2B Meetings, etc.

Plataforma de Rodada de negócios virtual - WellBiz

In the registration area you can enter companies (whether they will be anchors or exhibitors), lists of representatives of companies (people).

Plataforma de Rodada de negócios virtual

Users can easily schedule their meetings.

Meetings take place using meeting tools such as Zoom, Google Forms, usually one that the organizer has an account with. WellBiz is integrated with this tool.

Invitations and appointments are made via e-mail and the agenda of each participant can be viewed on the agenda panel. The organizer can view the agenda and schedules of all participants, so he can intervene when necessary.

Plataforma de Rodada de negócios virtual

The interaction between people occurs through chat. It is possible to obtain other data, such as email and telephone, to continue the conversation after the event.

It is also possible for each exhibitor to have a page about their services and products.

At all stages we are able to give you the support you need to use WellBiz in the best way during deployment.

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Uma solução em software desenvolvido para facilitar a organização e gestão de eventos

For whom WellBiz can make a difference


The developed platform is a great differentiator for participants in the B2B Meetings, as it connects and facilitates communication between those who are looking for technological solutions with those who are offering products and services

Marcelo Nunes, APL TIC VALE coordinator


The Tria Software developer of WellBizz is a complete software solutions company, so if you want to close the monthly support package due to the volume of events held or also insert new features it is possible due to the structure of the company.

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WellBiz is a software solution for event management and virtual or face-to-face B2B Meetings. An intuitive environment that facilitates the organization and management of your event.